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1930, 5th Ave.
best picture of new york city
This may become the only well-indexed photograph of the Empire State Building’s cornerstone on the Internet. I can’t find another shot of it anywhere!

NYC – Brooklyn – Sheepshead Bay: Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead
best picture of new york city
Image by wallyg
The Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead, at 1669 E. 22nd St, is generally considered to be the most beautiful of the surviving Dutch Colonial farmhouses in Brooklyn. It is believed the farmhouse was built by Henry and Abraham Wyckoff, and from an inscription found cut in a beam in the old barn, it is assumed that the house was standing as early as 1766.

During the Revolutionary War, Hessian soldiers were quartered on the premises. At least one of them recorded a lasting impression on the four -by-seven window panes with a sharp instrument. Two of these panes have been carefully preferred–one inscribed with the name "Toepfer Capt. of Regt. de Ditfurth" and the other "M. Bach Lieutenant Hessen Hanau Artillerie."

The farm, consisting of about 100 acres and certain meadows and woodlands, as well as pew number sixty-two in the old Gravesend Dutch Reformed Church, were bought by Cornelius W. Bennett in 1832. The Bennett family held possession through four generations until 1983, when it was sold to the Mont family. It is currently being purchased by the City of New York from Annette and Stuart Mont who will remain. The homestead will be called the Wyckoff Bennett Mont House park.

The rectangular house has a long porch with six slender columns, extending the width of the southern exposure sheltered by a curved roof that rests on columns, and it retains its original double Dutch door. An extension on the northern end contains the kitchen and the former milk house. In the late 1890’s when, when the land was divided into lots, streets were put through and the house, which faced south, was turned to face the west. The structure was placed upon a brick foundation, and dormers were added.

The Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead was designated a landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1968.

National Register #74001253 (1974)

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