Nice Best Of New York photos

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A few nice best of new york images I found:

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Manhattan Panorama
best of new york
Image by A Camera Story
Between moving to a new place and settling there, there was a lot of major and minor things that needed to be done and this caused a great lapse before I could get back to Flickering.

A panorama of downtown manhattan taken from the brooklyn heights promenade – its exact location is this. To soak in the details, best viewed large. (I am unable to explain the white streaks in the large version – artifact of making a panorama.

Braving cold winds on a rather sunny winter morning, I took 4 photographs which I combined to form this really wide angled panorama – akin to using a 10mm lens.
Seen here are most of the buildings of downtown manhattan, a peak of South Street Seaport and a very distorted western end of the Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn, NY

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