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Check out these best of new york images:

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Bank of America Tower
best of new york
Image by JasonParis
Meetings are now over and I’m on my own for 24 hours!

Looking up into the clouds at one of the world’s best (and most expensive) buildings – The Bank of America Tower.

Gantry State Park overlooking Midtown
best of new york
Image by parkerpyne_investigates
Today I bid the bullet and made my way to Gantry State Park which in and itself is a jewel on the Long Island City waterfront. It’s not even particularly far away from me. I could walk there in a little over half an hour but when you try to do it by public transit, you might as well take a spaceship.

And thanks to an unscheduled stop midway between two stations of about half an hour on the 7 train, I got there later than I had wanted so the sun was already fully out. Nonetheless, you can still see the moon faintly above the United Nations building.

By and large, the photographic gods treated me kindly today. I had the right film for the conditions (Ektar 100) and I can say that shooting 6×6 to an extent rectifies the lack of sharpness a little. It’s still quite behind what an ASA-100 B&W film would have yielded but it’s usable at least.

I always had the vague impression that I get my sharpest photos with the modest Rollei and now it has fully convinced me. It’s just an all around remarkable little camera.

I wonder if its outrageously dim viewfinder is ultimately responsible for this. It’s so hard to focus with it. It has enormous light falloff towards the edges so anything that is not flush in the center is almost impossible to focus on. Likewise, the viewfinder loupe only covers the center. Nothing really pops into focus either so you spend a good amount of time trying to get the focus just right. And it always works out.

Fancy schmancy
best of new york
Image by kbetart
Seen at the Museum of the City of New York.
I saw a photographer in front of me taking a picture of this staircase from this angle and I decided to do that as well and this is the result.

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