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Some cool best picture of new york city images:

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best picture of new york city
Image by Singing With Light
I am getting myself motivated to finish the NYIP Photo course I started 2 and 1/2 years ago so am working on Unit 3 now and one of the assignments we have to send in is a backlighting shot so I tried for some today and this is one of the options, and although I like the shot I think I need to keep trying as although it meets the backlighting criteria I dont like it for the following reasons
I would prefer to have more space in from of the cameraman (unfortunatly that wasnt an option as there were other people signs etc in the way)

Secondly I find the top left corner distracting and takes away from the shot

Any feedback or thoughts would be really appreciated
But it was good getting out and trying, and will try again tomorrow to get a better shot

I always appreciate the respite of NYC’s vest-pocket parks, like Paley Park with a cascading back wall at 3 E 53rd St. It’s rightly considered one of the best urban spaces in the City.
best picture of new york city
Image by Mark B. Schlemmer

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