Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 – 51

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Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 – 51
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Image by Ed Yourdon
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This was taken on a downhill stretch of the "ring road" that circumnavigates Central Park, just inside its borders. It was at approximately 77th Street, after I had finished my afternoon photo-walk, and was beginning to walk down to 72nd Street, where I could exit from the park and catch a taxi back home.

There were several bike-riders in this area, taking advantage of the ability to coast down the hill at a nice speed, without the effort of pumping madly on the pedals. I had to "pan" my camera to keep up with her, which is why you see the blurred background…


On Nov 6, 2009 a group of roughly 150 members of the NYC Digital Photography Meetup Group (which comprises some 2,556 members, according to its website) assembled at the southeast corner of New York’s Central Park for a "meetup" that consisted of a walk through Central Park to capture the fall foliage. A few people knew each other from previous meetups, but most of us were there for the first time, and knew only that we were in the midst of a lot of people with "serious" cameras. Introductions were made, hands were shaken, cameras were compared, but with rare exceptions, names were quickly forgotten — except for lyman91, who served as the organizer for the afternoon’s activities. After all, it wasn’t a college mixer; we were there to get some nice photographs…

Once we got started, we walked past the pond in the southeast corner of the park, up to a picturesque bridge, and then along the southern edge of the park until we reached another picturesque bridge by the southwest corner of the park. From there, we ventured north, past Tavern on the Green, past the Sheep Meadow, up to the 72nd Street entrance (where many photos were dutifully snapped of Strawberry Fields, and the Dakota apartment building where John Lennon lived at the time of his death). We then walked around parts of the boat pond, and a little further north into the Ramble … at which point, the late-afternoon shadows were dark enough that I decided to call it a day and head on home.

As someone observed early in the walk, "fall foliage" in New York City is not the same as it is up in Vermont and New Hampshire. There are no fiery reds, no mountainsides of bright orange trees. Our trees are more subdued: there were a few bright yellow ones (don’t ask me what kind they were; I have no idea), but most of the trees were "rust-colored" at best.

Still, it was a pleasant walk; the temperature was a little cool, but the skies were a brilliant blue, and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. I took fewer photos than I would have expected — only about 300 — and I’ll upload the "keepers" throughout the week, as I edit them and put them in reasonable shape… and I’ll look forward to another photo meetup sometime in the future. Next time, hopefully I will remember a few names…

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