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Some cool best of new york images:

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New York at Twilight, Feb 2010 – 22
best of new york
Image by Ed Yourdon
This view is looking north and slightly east of my own apartment building — at a complex of middle-income housing projects that appear completely dull and uninteresting during the daytime. But in the evening glow, they take on a completely different look.

Like the other three photos I took this evening, this was a 5-image HDR composition, obviously taken on a tripod. The time-exposure for the five images ranged from 4 seconds to 30 seconds…

Note: for some reason, Flickr is refusing to let me add any comments below. So I’ll just say "thanks" once, here this section of material, in response to the many kind words from my Flickr friends…

Note: A large percentage of my "landscape" photos (including the ones in this set) are now copyright-protected, and are not available for downloads and free use. You can view them here in Flickr, but if you would like prints, enlargements, framed copies, and other variations, please visit my SmugMug "NYC Twilight" gallery by clicking here.

Note: for reasons I don’t understand at all, this photo was published as an illustration in an undated (Feb 2010) Squidoo blog titled "gangsta talk." It was also published in an Apr 8, 2010 Swedish blog showing HDR shots of various cities around the world, titled "Världens städer i HDR."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in an Apr 4, 2011 blog titled "Latest Twilight News." It was also published in an Apr 25, 2011 Fast Company blog titled "City Dwellers Have Huge Carbon Footprints, Because They Buy So Much" at www-dot-fastcompany-dot-com-slash-1749726-slash-city-dwellers-have-huge-carbon-footprints-because-they-buy-so-much. It was also published in a Jun 28, 2011 Guess the City image blog.

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in a Dec 22, 2012 blog titled "Buying an Apartment on the Upper West Side? : A FEW HIDDEN RISKS."


I’ve signed up for a photo workshop called "New York at Twilight" at the International Center of Photography next month, and we were given this assignment to be carried out before the class starts:

"Please take 20 to 40 photographs – choose from a variety of subjects – people, self-portraits, your home, a car, cityscape – at twilight, dawn or when it’s completely dark. Bring 4”x6” prints or JPEGS on a flash drive or CD to class so we can see them. It’s good to select your best 10-15 photographs to show during the first class."

I’m not sure what I’ll end up with for the assignment, but I thought I would include a few post-sunset, twilight views of the NYC skyline. I’ll add more to this set as ideas come to me…

best of new york
Image by Singing With Light
Another shot of a sea lion at Central Park Zoo, this time he swam past a little closer

better on B l a c k M a g i c

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