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Check out these best of new york images:

Chance to Win DREAM TRIP


best of new york
Image by a.has
<3 holiday shopping for a lot of reasons, but small things like this that stores don’t think about when they put something like this in the back corner of the store = the best.

What She Did Best
best of new york
Image by Thomas Hawk

Day 40/365 – Faced
best of new york
Image by Tom Lin :3=
Uhhh….Excuse the ultra pp. It was a random idea that I wasn’t even sure of. I just kind of carried on with it and by the time I decided I didn’t like it much anymore, it was too far along to scrap. Oh well. (It’s way too processed for my liking)

Lights: 1x600R@1/8 off silver, left camera high. 1x600R@1/8 off silver, right camera high.

1/160@f/11 ISO400

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