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Some cool best of new york images:

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Panning around
best of new york
Image by danichro
Explored #11 (23-09-2012)

I was thinking about photography. Rules, forms, times, appertures, techniques…even machines – cameras, lenses etc.. Which of these factors is the most important for a good photography? None of them.. Just the phtotographer… Choose a good spot (you can’t find the perfect spot – never – you are always searching for something better) with good light.. Pick a subject quickly, lock it and make some shots.. Use Apperture control if a day. Shutter control and high iso setings for night and panning shots. Then check and repeat if necessery..Thats it.. No other can shoot like you do and no one can teach you shoot like he does. The photographer makes the difference..

Stranger 67/100 | Levensky Smith
best of new york
Image by MichaelTapp
"Fashion is an investment in myself."

While chasing light in Union Square I spotted Levensky and thankfully he was up for the stranger project.

Levinsky is an accomplished artist. He told me that he has performed on Broadway, but I found out after googling him that he’s performed in Cats, The Lion King, and The Color Purple! Levensky is originally from Ohio and he’s been in New York for about 20 years. He started dressing up every day in 2008 and he said that dressing up every day has changed his life. People started giving him more respect since he started dressing up every day. Now when he wakes up he’s excited to put something together from his collection of clothes.

Photographers approach him for photos on the street all the time and Levinsky said that he’s going to put together an online gallery of the photos. I hope this one makes the cut. Thank you Levensky!

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page
Facebook Page

Camera Specs
ISO:320 Shutter: 1/250 fStop3.5 Focal Length: 66mm

I was originally shooting south using the reflected light as a back light and it didn’t work so well. I am glad that we flipped it around and shot north.

best of new york
Image by a.has
I love when things that you think won’t get captured that great in a shot, get captured way better than you expected them to.

Even though it was obviously almost-fully-night, the sky was this amazing color of blue that I didn’t think I was going to be able to get…

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