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Central Park in the Fall
best picture of new york city
Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – Central Park in the Fall
I had spent the afternoon alone while traveling (as usual, it seems) in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the middle of New York City. It sits on the Eastern edge of Central Park. It was a little cold outside, but I decided to walk across the park anyway, just as the sun was setting. As I moved through the trees, I found this little place and thought it would be fun to share.
HyperMac Review
I have a new HyperMac Review here on the site! It’s an amazing device, and even if you are not a photographer, you will probably find a reason you need one!

Basically, it is an external battery that you can use to power up your Mac laptop and your iPhone. I keep running into situations where I am running out of battery power on my iPhone and/or computer, and I just am not near a power outlet.

I bought mine from the Hypershop just recently, and I could not be happier! Maybe the worst thing is that all my friends are always using it to charge up their iPhones too… It’s like I’m the guy at the party that brought the beer!
New Version of Woopra Out
You guys probably know how much I love Woopra… I did a little Woopra Video Review here on the site several months ago. The product is even better now… and you can get the basic version for free. If you want all the cool features, you can upgrade, but that’s up to you! Anyway, I continue to make it part of my web-life… and I am lucky enough to be friends with the clever guy behind it. But, I’d use this thing even if I didn’t know the guy… !!

We live in a disposable society
best picture of new york city
Image by Singing With Light
todays assignment on was "Illustrate an aspect of modern culture today. Make a photo that communicates the feeling of abandoned or discarded."

I took this shot while walking to the office and was barely enough light to get it, it wasnt far from the office I saw it and was planning on popping back an hour later to get a better shot, but as I was headign back I saw the trash truck coming by so had to go with this shot.

I foud it quite amusing since I wanted to represent the way modern society tends to throw so much out and replace it quickly and the main feature in this trash pile is a discarded trash can

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