Cool Best Of New York images

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Some cool best of new york images:

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New York Skyline
best of new york
Image by CJ Isherwood
New York City

Best viewed in large.

Dec 2009: This photo has been requested to be used in an Israeli school textbook in Geography for 11th – 12th grade high school students.

Aug 2010: This photo will feature in an exhibition: "Wish You Were Here" at the New York State Museum from the 3rd of September
(see this:

Gapstow yet again
best of new york
Image by Singing With Light
As you may have guessed if you have been folowing my stream I really like the Gapstow bridge, and here is yet another shot of it, this one from the other side as compared to most of my other shots of it

I think this may be my best shot of it so fr

Well I do like the bridge but part of the reason why there are so many shots of it is its at the end of the park I have time to get to in the morning and still get to work on time

better on B l a c k M a g i c

looking back
best of new york
Image by Singing With Light
This was taken a little further along on the water Taxi Ride looking back at the bridges from the other side of the previous shot, even though it wasnt the nicest of days weather wise, we did have a good time out 🙂

better on B l a c k M a g i c

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