Cool Best Of New York images

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Some cool best of new york images:

Chance to Win DREAM TRIP


Resting on a bed of Green
best of new york
Image by Singing With Light
Better on B l a c k M a g i c

Spotted this leaf resting on the bushes the other day on a walk, and thought it brought out the color sof the leaf

Have a good day everyone

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it

Doesnt matter how many are taking photos
best of new york
Image by Singing With Light
Theres always at least one person who must be shortsighted and need to walk in front of everybody else and stand right in front of the window, which is what makes getting shots of the displays tricky sometimes

and with that note this is the last shot of the Veronica Window displays at Macy’s

Hope everyones weekend is going well

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